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Chuck Chandler

It all started for Chuck in a small 5000 watt radio station in Dawson Creek B.C. in the summer of 64. After a stint in Halifax then Edmonton and then back to Halifax he landed a job in Montreal which saw him involved in some classic events including the broadcasting bedside for a week with John & Yoko during their "Lie For Peace" and played lead table on the song "Give Peace a Chance. To this day no one will let him live down the fact that he spent time in a bed with Yoko!

In 1971, he managed a station in Winnipeg before spending 6 years at Edmonton 's legendary 630 CHED doing 9-noon and hosting the "Homemakers Hitline".

At this time he also hosted a disco TV show called "Disco Daze". Then in 1980 he was off to Hollywood as Monty Hall's Announcer on the classic game show "Let's Make a Deal".


Gord Robson

Gord has been in Radio and TV since the late 60's, starting in Calgary, with stops in Montreal, Vancouver, and other cities. Gord was on the legendary 630 CHED in the early 70's, then again in the late 80's and 90's, and now is happy to be back in town on COOL 880 with the tunes he has been playing most of his life. Gord likes to have fun, enjoys various activities in the community, and loves sports, at one time hosting NHL hockey on BCTV in Vancouver, and was PA announcer for the Eskimos for two years, as well as ring announcer for the WWF for a period of time


Craig Mattern

I weighed the pros and the cons. Sore back and lots of cash(working for a living) or good times and Kraft Dinner(working in radio). You'd be amazed at what can be done with a box of KD and a fridge full of condiments! Like many, I grew up tuned in to Chuck Chandler, except my familiarity came from watching 4 O'Clock Rock every day after school! Video STILL hasn't killed that radio star, eh? And I'm certain it won't. Other things I'm certain of (1) Red wine, pompoms and someone playing the YMCA will ALWAYS make for a great company X-mas Bash, wedding reception or confirmation ceremony, and (2) I'll be up every morning at an hour most people don't even know exists to keep COOL listeners up to date on news-type things, sporty stuff and of course your daily dose of Horoscope from Mystic Martha on the Chuck Chandler Morning Show!

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Chuck Chandler

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