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LONDON (AP) - None of the sailors and marines freed by Iran will be punished for making apologies to the Iranians, the Defence Ministry said Thursday, but authorities will study the procedures being followed by the Royal Navy team when it was captured. ....more

ROYAL MARINE BASE CHIVENOR, England (AP) - With champagne bottles popping, a Royal Navy crew flew home Thursday after nearly two weeks in Iranian captivity to hugs from tearful relatives and relief in a Britain outraged the crew was used by Tehran for propaganda purposes. ....more

MAYWAND, Afghanistan (CP) - Leopard tank troops in Afghanistan are going to have to drive their old battered machines a little longer. ....more

BAGHDAD (AP) - The U.S. military reported Thursday that seven U.S. soldiers were killed in the Baghdad area over the past two days as militants fought back against a security plan in its eighth week. An army helicopter went down south of the capital, injuring four, after an Iraqi official said it was fired on by insurgents. ....more

LONDON (AP) - Prosecutors filed charges Thursday against three people who allegedly conspired with suicide bombers in the attacks that killed 52 subway and bus passengers in London on July 7, 2005. ....more

BEIJING (AP) - A Chinese company accused of selling chemically contaminated wheat gluten linked to pet food deaths of cats and dogs in North America said Thursday it sells most of its wheat gluten within China. ....more

SANTORINI, Greece (CP) - Nearly 1,600 passengers and crew, including at least 60 Canadian high school students, were rescued Thursday from a Greek cruise ship which struck rocks and took on water off the holiday island of Santorini. ....more

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - The judge presiding over the trial of fired astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak asked lawyers on both sides Thursday to limit media contact, and temporarily sealed some court documents. ....more

SEATTLE (AP) - A 14-year-old girl who authorities allege was sexually abused by a 30-year-old woman posing as a teenage boy said she didn't know about the ruse, but eventually suspected it. ....more

WASHINGTON (CP) - Iran is trying to shed its wild-card image and establish itself as a mature country willing to negotiate by releasing 15 captured Britons, former Canadian diplomat Ken Taylor said Wednesday. ....more

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