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SELKIRK, Man. (CP) - Ships surrounded by water and ice are nothing to get excited about, unless the vessels are part of a marine museum and have been drydocked for years. ....more

MONTREAL (CP) - Jean Lafleur chose to face justice rather than a life on the run, and a bail hearing Friday will determine if his reward is freedom while he awaits his sponsorship fraud trial. ....more

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. (CP) - Ontario Provincial Police are crediting a full-patch Hells Angel-turned-police agent with playing a key role in the arrests of 31 members of the notorious biker gang, including the Toronto-based voice of the organization. ....more

(CP) - Canadian students were knee-deep in water before being removed safely from a cruise ship that hit a rock and began listing off the Greek island of Santorini on Thursday. ....more

TORONTO (CP) - The Liberals had no choice but to launch French radio spots in Quebec to combat the "lies" being perpetuated by the Conservative government, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said Thursday. ....more

OTTAWA (CP) - Canada's top native leader is calling for cool heads and peaceful demonstrations - not blockades - as frustrated chiefs plan a national day of action for June 29. ....more

NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. (CP) - DNA profiles that appeared to match three of the six women on a murder indictment against Robert Pickton were found in his trailer, an expert testified Thursday as the jury began to hear results of exhaustive lab testing done during the investigation. ....more

VANCOUVER (CP) - An alleged Chinese smuggling kingpin fighting to stay in Canada for seven years has been granted a judicial review of Ottawa's conclusion he faces no risk of torture or execution if deported to China. ....more

REGINA (CP) - A member of the Saskatchewan government was reduced to tears and is demanding an apology after an Opposition member suggested in the legislature Thursday that she be taken to a backroom and horsewhipped. ....more

OTTAWA (CP) - Stephen Harper's Conservatives are edging closer to support levels needed to win their coveted majority, a new poll suggests. ....more

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