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OTTAWA (CP) - A special investigator who looked into the RCMP pension scandal has slammed former commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli and concluded the force's corporate culture and management structure need drastic reform. ....more

HALIFAX (CP) - There were 20 arrests and a handful of injuries reported Friday after a rowdy group of anti-free trade protesters and self-styled anarchists - all of them clad in black - clashed with police at several locations in downtown Halifax. ....more

MONTREAL (CP) - Premier Jean Charest is at Montreal's Dawson College - the scene of a shooting rampage last fall - to talk about his government's tougher controls on the use of firearms in the province. ....more

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. (CP) - Commuters in southern Ontario are being wooed by a 12-year, $17.5-billion Liberal promise to extend Toronto's subway, expand GO Transit service and install two rapid transit lines across Hamilton. ....more

VANCOUVER (CP) - About 100,000 worms, each smaller than the width of a grain of salt, will be making their way back from space next week as part of a six-month experiment aboard the International Space Station. ....more

FREDERICTON (CP) - An orphaned baby moose named Baz has been seized from the northern New Brunswick family that was raising him and sent to a wildlife preserve in Nova Scotia. ....more

TORONTO (CP) - Provinces need more money from Ottawa for police officers, prosecutors and legal aid to help finance their fight against the growing problem of street gangs and drug traffickers, provincial justice ministers said Friday after signing an agreement to present a united front in the battle against organized crime. ....more

MONTREAL (CP) - Drinking water is being restored to thousands of homes southeast of Montreal after an electrical problem at a regional pumping station. ....more

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CP) - They sing and tell jokes over their vehicle intercoms, but since they landed eight months ago there's been a lot of hard work and little play for the small company of Canadian soldiers from Quebec who are already in Afghanistan. ....more

REGINA (CP) - The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal is being asked to overturn the findings of a public inquiry into the freezing death of an aboriginal teenager. ....more

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